The Business Model
Working on a fee based system, at SCI we stand for communication that qualitatively makes a difference in the consumer's psyche with a combination of the following tools. In essence, holistic branding communications

Our expert team of graphic designers and strategic brand analysts work together to create powerful brand communication campaigns and supporting materials for print, web publication, and exhibits. We recognize the value of the promise embedded in a brand - the promise of quality to the customer - and it is our goal to help our clients promote the image of that brand. Every graphic image, every written word, every design layout must reflect that brand promise. And for that, there must be Strategy, Creativity, and Initiative—the bases of our business model. This three-step model is the key to our ongoing and wide-reaching success in strategic brand communication for our clients.
Strategy involves thoroughly analyzing the market, defining the competition, and pinpointing the precise ways our clients can differentiate their products and services in an ever-growing market space. Our experience is invaluable when devising new strategic campaigns for our clients.
Creativity is imperative in the strategic process. A strategy which has no creative follow-through has no strategic force. Creativity allows the brand’s message to be communicated in a language that is informative yet captivating. Our enthusiastic, highly qualified creative team ensure that our clients get a fresh, creative product which clearly represents the brand and its values.
Innovative, proactive communication solutions highlight the “Initiative” at SCI. Our expertise lies in understanding the consumer and delivering a premium sale. Strategic Creative Initiatives’ recent project history includes design campaigns for Rs. 1000 crore-products.
Motivation and a thriving desire to satisfy our clients are central to our work.
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